Monday, 16 October 2017

Distance & Silences For Matilda

Your absence blooms as sad things
And my heart tells me in whispers
That distance is another form of death
For it takes away all that once were

I set my ears forth like a lover's arms
Gathering all that could imitate you
Things that could evoke your being
They bring back sad silences

As I long for you
Night slowly drags her dreamy feet
And my heart heats with hunger
With wanting what distance does not give-You

Matilda, love is every sound you make
Your silences and sweet screams
Your tears and cheers
Your giggles and groanings

Captive Especially Emilia

I love you,
Because love has no colour or clime.
It's the hand holding as captive, time;
So that hours seem seconds .
When with you I walk the woods in autumn.

I love you,
Because love is the strangest song.
It sings its way through our lungs,
Even as we profess that which is beyond us;
Attracting that which our nature retracts

I love you,
Because love never replicates that which it gives.
Because there is no finding someone like you or us.
Because I love you because there is no cause for loving you,
Except that i love you without because(s)

The Most Golden For Funmilayo Grace My mother of inestimable value

I do not know how to begin this eulogy
How to say you have every beautiful reason
To be jubilant because all about you is golden
As you celebrate your golden jubilee

You're not just golden
Because you passed through the fires of life
To adorn and give us all the precious things of life
You're everything divine

Think every of everything beautiful
Everything wonderful and gleeful
Everything that makes life colourful
For they all are your reflections

I'm too proud of you to be modest about you
For the world is too large to have only you
And you're too large for the world
Because you're a world of worlds

I chose to celebrate you in the language of poetry
Because you are the poetess who never wrote a poem
One whose lips lent me the melody of poetry
One whose words woke the god in my heART

A Body Of Paradises

Because pain is not easily eased
In my head a beautiful city is razed
Into too many burnt memories
By the very hands that made her

My eyes examine casualties
They see what should be them
Calling for redemption amid ashes
With sharp screams and sour sob

Even as my legs lose legitimacy
Of the grounds they once walked
Immoveable they stood far from a burning me
Who with a smile burnt a city I once called home

And maybe home isn’t my bosom
 Rested on your cotton-tender chest, Adunni
Or my hands happily surmounting your twin towers
Or my body diving in the ocean of your wetness

Yet nothing is more certainly homely
Not even all my wild wanderings
Of Sojourns and journeys
As your body of paradises


Frustration is when you cast your grief at a silent night
Watching as sorrow makes love with silence
Feeling the fire of their unholy union
The groaning and mad moaning
The pauses and plunging
The soft sobbing
Sharp screaming

Other Broken Things (For Daniela)

Before you find yourself in pieces
Too scattered to find a form like this poem
Listen, happiness comes in simple ways
For you look at the smile of a suckling
And see something souls sin for
Something too broken for a strong soul
Because it comes in hiatuses
Loud silences and ellipses
Say laughter or smashing smile…
Life like poetry is the language of broken things
But men mend with worries, hate and haste
 That which nature hath made imperfect-broken
I love to find my voice on the lips of poetry
And sometimes my heart desires in the softness of her words
For soft words are easily broken into myriads of muses
Tonight I stare at the solitary moon and scattered stars
And name the sky mother of disconnected connections
For harmony is the name of the sky
As her warm embrace encompasses all night shiners
Into a sweet spectacle of shimmering shapes
Tonight I am too broken to sing for you Daniela
My heart palpitates to the sound of broken things
And oh! Rhythms I hear hurry into the silence of this night
Chasing after your salacious scents and lustful longings
Scents of your hidden and emotions heated places
I hear sounds touch places too hidden for the eyes
I hope these rhythms find you where your waters break forth

Saturday, 16 September 2017


i cast my thought at this silent night
fishing flirtingly for flowery dreams
something scary tells me silence
 is a sound of sad and broken things
that tonight has nothing but sorrow
as offerings for my  laboring mind
that dejection is another word for silence

night cries

night cries,
i drink her tears;
and grow into lines,
of rhymes and rhythms.

A Farmer's Feelings

adunni ,i am a proud farmer of words
let me plant some spiral seeds
 at your finely framed feet
watch them climb up into your heart
while you smile with those chubby cheeks
for with your smile souls break open
and as in redemption receive life

Friday, 4 August 2017

I Do Not Know How You Make The Stars Sing

I do not know how you make the stars sing
Chorusing with their rhythmic glitters
The melody of your gentle giggles
When we wrestle warmly under the moonlight
Planting promises and love kindled kisses

I do not know how you make the stars sing
The lyrics of your sweet screams
As we foray flirtingly into the forlorn fields
Our bodies brushing and bending the grains
To the symphonies of our hearts

I do not know how you make the stars sing
The blinking of your disarming eyes
When you hold me captive with their invite
When you speak a million things
With their piercing and rousing reach

I do not know how you make the stars sing
Except that I know you are bright and beautiful
As of the mesmerizing magic of starlights
Except that I know you are gold- goddess
Of all that glitters and the queen of my night

When You Kiss Me

When you kiss me
My lips learn the language of love
Every word I utter sputters
Into myriads of muses

When you kiss me
I become a dreamer
My flirty fingers fish for stout stars
And name them glitters of your face

When you kiss me
My skin swells with delight
The rivers within warm up
They boil and burst with sweet rage

When you kiss me
I smell and taste
My most cherished flavors
Vanilla and strawberry

When you kiss me
I become buried in your breath
And every gasp is a stroke swimming
Into the currents of your caresses

When you kiss me
Deeper and deeper still
Your depths I dig
Like an enraged bull

When you kiss me
Fires and waters meet
As our love is refined
Like the ever glowing gold

When you kiss me
Every encounter enervates me
As my lips confess your sweetness
Shattering me into lines and rhythms

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Ikere is:
The mother of great mountains
Towering high into clouds
Overseeing the plains
Scattered all over her chest
She is the mother of mad men
Whose insanity drips
From bottles of liquors
And whose weekend
Starts on a Monday

Pink For Lisa

I call you pink
Not because your lips
Like gender glossy things name pink
But because you stink like carnations

I call you pink
Because no colour
Paints perfectly like azure to sea
The grandeur of your splendor

I call you pink
Because when my lips
Tastes the wine of your lips
You turn white then pink

I call you pink
Because you are fragile
& breathtakingly beautiful
Like a cultured Camilla flower

I call you pink
Because like candy
You're sweet and fluffy
Seducing mouth with want

I call you pink
Because there's no other way
To describe your magic
Just like sunlight is to day



She comes to me bright and beautiful
Sweet and strong like a ravishing virgin
She comes through the hollows and windows
Drawing me caress upon caress
Into a ride of a resplendent romance

She greets my mind with poetry
And pleasures my ears with symphony
Of the cocky cocks that crow
Of the trudging tractors that plow
The fields of grains for August rains

She draws upon my frame
Flicker by flicker
The rays of a dreamy day
So that my body breaks away from gloom
Into a mind melting marvelous light

She shifts her reflections here and there
From the windows to the lower walls
Showing me how beautiful her body is
Showing me the awe of her glitters
The genitalia warming rays of her waist

She begins a dance of rising and falling
Testing the waters of my willingness
Wanting my hands in a marriage
Of a new day and a new adventure
Where we both will shine as a cynosure

(c) Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi

queen of my heart for lisa

like pleasant pebble stones
pearls & bright stands sitting
spirited on a stream bed
overseeing her flaccid flow & brilliant body
sending bubbles surfacing as ripples
attracting attention of passersby
you sit a queen on her throne
within the walls of my mind
regal & mega ;filling me full
even as your presence overwhelms me
shadowing my face with sweet smiles
drawing dames desiring to share of our synergy
lisa , every tickle of your presence
within walls of my mind
sends out ripples of cackles
cracking life's maddening puzzles
ah ! with you life becomes worth living
lisa life without you
is a bed without sheets
a flower without fragrance
a river without a goddess
a night without moon or stars
stay with me, lisa
don't wash away as time
let's hold life's lustre
with our soulful synergy
remaining as the evergreens.

Let Me Feed Your Heart

They will say I have come again, Adunni
That that lousy lover of yours is come again
With nothing but his wordy possession
Words that do not feed the belly
But you know my words feed the heart
And man shall not live by bread alone

I have been to the seaside of words
To pick words like pearls and cowries
Our elders say good words are like these things
Allow me to adorn you with words
from the sole of your feet to the crown of your head
So that you are transformed into sea goddess

Monday, 17 July 2017


She's a treasure tithed to taboos and mad gods
So that her heart is a symphony of sad songs

Sweet Spells For Lisa

You're a sift of apple juice
With sour grip on palates
Yet releasing romancing-ly
Shots of sweet springs
As my soul sings hallelujah

Rain On Me

Lisa, life has gathered your pains
As waters logged within you
So that you're swollen with sorrow
I'm dry and damned from life's harshness
Rain on me your pains as August
When in her brokeness cries with disgust
Let my soul sprout forth flowers
Be they wild and thorny
Be they hard and horny
For some of us just come already broken

That Smile For Janny Koj

Your cheeks are boundaries
Where storms scatter into smiles
Your face forms a cheerful character
Where happiness hangs a notice of laughter

Life is a collection of sweet sorrows
And it beats me how you beat life's worries
To become a synergy of ecstatic energies
Infectious as scent of wild flowers

Your lips are a pathway to sweet songs
For they move to the rhythms of blues
No wonder a poet pleasures his heART
At their beckoning on a lonely night

I thought I loved the evergreen
For how it holds life anew
Every passing of season
But your smile smashed its grip on me

Janny tonight my heart goes out searching
For where you perch your wings of smiles
That flutter at a touch of a familiar force
A familiar force of literary appreciation

Feed Me Happiness Dedicated To Your Culinary Skills

My mother taught me the way to a man's heart
That my heart may not become a road for rogues
I wish I could without deception refute this fact
But again you come catering for my heart
With the deliousness of your culinary skills
Putting my hunger and thirst to pleasing pastures
As the aroma of your delicacies delight my soul
With your skill you take me on a discovery journey
And I'm learning a new thing
Something mother never thought me
That a woman is the sole sweetening sauce
Of any finely prepared dish.

Chocolate. For Christine

I do not need to say you're spring
Or the connotations of calmness
Or that you're a body of water
Raining down on my hot heart

You're as full as July
In her passing days
Waiting to deliver August
In a torrent of wet testimonies

Your face is as fine as May
In her flowery elegance
It owns a supple smile
So comforting as April rains

The heart of a woman
Though simple is hard to tell
Yet I think your heart is home
To December in all her conviviality

It's hard to write or rhyme
The glitters of your brilliant eyes
Without a reference to the spark
Of blue stars stunning the sky at dusk

You carry the sun about
For your skin harbours sun rays
And dyes them into chocolate
So that your are sweetness personified

Some come thin and terrible
You come bold and fierce
Fleshes falling into right regions
A language of attraction for real men

I love you without furtive motives
I love you as spumes of the sea
When she arrives her shores with happiness
Blessing bodies burning from within

Friday, 7 July 2017


When the stars in your sky fall
I will hold you as night and make you
A spectacle of shooting stars
So that falling becomes flying
Dazzling heads hoping to catch a star-you

When the stars in your sky fall
I will hold aglow as moon
Feed you with the honey(in)moon
Travel your clouds as light
So that you are not lost

When the stars in your sky fall
I will make your heart an art
Of imperfect imageries
Yet breathtakingly beautiful  
And begging for a soulful inquest

When the stars in your sky fall
I will lift your lithe lips
And plant the fire of kisses
And watch you burn anew
Sparks as stars scattered all over you

When the stars in your sky fall
I will fall on you
As fire and rain
And burn sweetly your soft secrets
And hide your pain in my rain

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Where You Burn For Lady M

It is dusk darkest mood
I am wounded with want
Craving warmth only your cuddles cause
Like a spark to flames then fire
I am wrecked with needing you
I run my fingers over my thought
And fold them into words I could hold
And call mine in all their forms and fashions
Like these words, this poem
I'm melting by the hour into tears
Into a river running after your absence
Every teardrop joins with ripples
Reminding me how much I have melted
Tonight my heart is a river running after you
Yet frozen by your cold love
Like winter does to a river
When nature needs it most
It's so scary how I burn from within into ashes
Yet flow out as a river in search of home
Of where to empty itself as an offering
To a greater goddess and a greater gravitation
Tonight I have seen another colour of water
It is red when blue booms of gloom
For I'm hot as magma molten and mad
From all depression of wanting you

Stories Of Sunset

There are days my night nests into a sad sky
Of gloomy glitters breaking me into memories
Of dark days drowned deep down dreadful dreams
Days loneliness litters my heart like locust on a plantation
Days without the silents whispers of hope.

There are days night comes upon me broken as a jilted heart
Marooned, moody and mad of wanting companionship
From poetry,music and other melodies things of Art
Days sorrows slap my night blind with pain that it rains tears
Like a rapist ruthlessly ripping his victim

Yet tonight like time I hold night betwixt fingers
With the delightful diligence of a nursing mother
Slowly like a rocking chair I take her on jolly journeys
Into poetry where every encounter is a long lasting experience
Of tales by moonlight and other memories of childhood

Tonight I paint night into a collage of mesmerizing memories
And write her letters that lend wings of flight into dreamy lands
Like a skilled composer I gather her sad notes into sweet songs
Making every refrain rich of all our journeys of love
So that every stanza is as refreshing as April rains

The Music Of Your Absence

Tonight my heart is a wrecked ship
Broken into diverse drifting desires
Of the many memories of our journeys
Of the many waters of passions we sailed

Tonight my heart is as cold as winter
And I miss madly your simple smiles
Wonderfully warm as a sumner sun
Ah!I miss the delightfulness of your dimples

Tonight, there are no melodious sounds
Except the echoes of your absence
And again I remember all our happy moments
Moments your laughter filled my ears with music

Tonight ,solitude suffers my heart
A feeling of true emptiness envelopes me
And gradually I drown without rescue
In the sea of your absorbing absence

We Live To Leave

Sometimes solitude spreads ,
The charts of my childhood journeys ,
In my mind like life teaching aids,
And I find myself in a forgotten familiar face
Of a boy burning with the zest of growing fast ,
A boy who had thought life to be beautiful ,
A boy who never knew beautiful things are deceitful,
So that when they turned out bad he became shattered
Into fragments called the realities of life .
A boy who now realises to grow is to wither
And remembers we live to leave,
That there are many memories to make of living
Yet little there is to time spent making them .

Ginger (Scents Of A Woman ) -For Feranmi

I love Ginger ,
Especially the way it plunders my nostrils with want ,
When as a fornicating flavour it fills my head
And its savour smashes my heart with pleasures .
I have always believed nothing surpasses such scent,
Until like May you came as a flowery fragrance
With shapes like ginger and a genitalia elegance
Feranmi, I became broken as fragments of reality
And tonight, I'm picking my heart into words
From places your scent sent me seeking sweetness
Tonight, like poetry you write your emotions upon my mind
Word after word, line upon line , Stanza by stanza
Poem upon poem so that you are a collection of passions.

Twelve Isn't Just A number -For MKO Abiola

Tonight my heart is as sad as June
Like June the walls of my dreams are fallen
Maddening memories walk among the ruins
And gather them into a monument of pains.

Twelve isn't just a number or a way of counting time
Twelve is how a nation remembers a man murdered in his prime
Twelve is the day a nation names loss as the king of sorrows
Twelve is the language of oppression by military Juntas

Tonight twelve tears my heart into tears
As I watch our nation feed on the flaws of failures
Where a vicious act as stealing isn't corruption
And how hope hangs in the noose of recession .

Twelve is the unpaid labour of a Hero's past
The blood of a patriot sacrificed for sheer selfishness
The conception of hope aborted by fabricated fate
Twelve is the dawn dusk drowned in her darkness


I have seen how to die and be reborn

How salvation is sought and wrought

It is in the rivers of your mouth

When your lips come as banks

Welcoming me a wretched soul

Damned from all sins of lust

Dirty as lewdness

Starved of sweetness

So that when in you

I found me washed anew

Emptied of all memories

Of my mad musings


Tonight my heart echoes your laughter

And I am reminded of Christmas

In all her colours and charms

Especially the jingles of beautiful bells

How could I have let you leave?

When without you I grieve

As June in her sourest state

Come stay with me as fate

Unyielding and certain

That I may my mind again regain

Midnight Blues

 Your love comes as the openings of sunflowers

To beams of the morning sun

As they unfurl petal by petal

In a cheerful choreography

To colour the glee of nature

Such as you unfold softly

As wings of warmth

Rocking my mind, my world

Collecting energies

Of my longings

Like the Albatross

Into a flight of passions

There are no words to name my cravings

Calling out as a poem for your august aura

Lone Wolf

Tonight I am a Lone Wolf
Prowling the wilderness of life
I hunt hungrily for answers
Night haunts me with mysteries

Beyond The Ordinary

I was taught to understand life,

Yet every horizon is a mystery.

I do not think life as ordinary ,

I do not know how to define,

Or fathom faces fluttering ,

With smashing smiles;

Amid rains of bombs,

& building of tombs..

Are they mad?


Or tired?


For London & Biafra

For fate I do not know what to write

Except that as a lad I was taught to sing

Of London and her falling bridge

Now that I see her pitiable plight

As in Manchester and other sad stories

I think life as a compendium of ironies

I am reminded of the rising sun- Biafra

Whose bridge fell and never rose again

As a part way to peace

But built back as a partway to pieces

Pieces preaching the relics of a lost glory

When I Touch You Especially Eugene

Your body is a song
The rhythms are the quiver of your body
When I collect keys and open doors
To your tonic tune drawing the strings on your lips
Counting the stars in your eyes
As my eyes evade everywhere in you
Collecting caressingly secrets and symphonies
Places where you become wet and wild
Places where you become a singing stream
Rushing and splashing itself upon new boundaries
There are no words to tell tales of your music
When I journey into your dark dens as light
When my happy hands harness your breath
Touching your soft and sharp keys
Like a mad pianist possessed by passion
Each striked key breaks you into words
Even as you scream and cream
When I touch you
Every encounter is a title
Every excitement is a figure of speech
Every thrust is a line
Every pleasure plateau is a stanza
Every orgasm is a theme
Every theme is a memory
Every memory is a song


Though faraway,
You're locked in here;
Hanging onto the veins of my heart.
It's been long my body wore your warmth.
It's been long I smelt your sweet scent.
it's been long you felt real on me,
Long we wrestled warmly skin sewn;
As strings of passions.
Why do you lie idly in my heart ?
Why do you cover your embers
With ashes of burnt memories ?


It's beautiful to watch a ship
Battle stormy gales with rage
Oars high and flying
Rudders rude and right
As she voyages unfamiliar territories
New places and peoples
Deserted islands with marooned men
It's more beautiful to watch a water lily
Upon a small spring stream
Carried gently away
With the caressing current
Rocking it softly and beautifully
Teaching it the rhythms of sweetness
It is most beautiful to watch you open
Slowly, softly and sweetly
Body freed of coyness
Thighs torn
With want
Lips starved
Of kisses
Glands hard
Teats tough
Hips happy
Gate red
Of sensual salubriousness
Even as my hands carry you places
Places only us can journey
Dropping every part of you at every sojourn
So that you are not whole without me

Of H(I )and Highschool

I do not need tell you
That love gets high
Mostly in high school
This poem is written with a sigh
Of the memories of my high school days
Of the times love got me
Drunk like rainy days
Yemi was gold
For she was bold
And I was white
For I was feeble
My pleasure plight
Was how she wiggled
Working my senses about
Eyes fixed as search lights
Mind messed with want
Of a hello or hug or whispers
My fear was her fancy face
Fair, fine and flirty
Lashes luring
Cheeks comfy
Smile smashing
Dimples disarming
Lips lotioned
To cause a madness
Figure detailed as perfection
My sorrow was she never said hi
And all along I was high

Abi Especially Itigidi

They say I'm the king of imagery
Yet words elude me in painting your scenery
Of sands and water wedge betwixt your laps
Sojourn of people and aquatic acquaintances
Oft in my moments of solitude
When your wind whispers
I wander with wonder
Places where you hold life as greens
It's hard to forget your face
Let alone your name
That carries a gnome
Of histories and mysteries
I have left you
Softly stiffened with nostalgia

Distance & Silences For Matilda

Your absence blooms as sad things And my heart tells me in whispers That distance is another form of death For it takes away all that ...