Monday, 17 July 2017

Chocolate. For Christine

I do not need to say you're spring
Or the connotations of calmness
Or that you're a body of water
Raining down on my hot heart

You're as full as July
In her passing days
Waiting to deliver August
In a torrent of wet testimonies

Your face is as fine as May
In her flowery elegance
It owns a supple smile
So comforting as April rains

The heart of a woman
Though simple is hard to tell
Yet I think your heart is home
To December in all her conviviality

It's hard to write or rhyme
The glitters of your brilliant eyes
Without a reference to the spark
Of blue stars stunning the sky at dusk

You carry the sun about
For your skin harbours sun rays
And dyes them into chocolate
So that your are sweetness personified

Some come thin and terrible
You come bold and fierce
Fleshes falling into right regions
A language of attraction for real men

I love you without furtive motives
I love you as spumes of the sea
When she arrives her shores with happiness
Blessing bodies burning from within
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