Thursday, 27 July 2017

queen of my heart for lisa

like pleasant pebble stones
pearls & bright stands sitting
spirited on a stream bed
overseeing her flaccid flow & brilliant body
sending bubbles surfacing as ripples
attracting attention of passersby
you sit a queen on her throne
within the walls of my mind
regal & mega ;filling me full
even as your presence overwhelms me
shadowing my face with sweet smiles
drawing dames desiring to share of our synergy
lisa , every tickle of your presence
within walls of my mind
sends out ripples of cackles
cracking life's maddening puzzles
ah ! with you life becomes worth living
lisa life without you
is a bed without sheets
a flower without fragrance
a river without a goddess
a night without moon or stars
stay with me, lisa
don't wash away as time
let's hold life's lustre
with our soulful synergy
remaining as the evergreens.
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