Thursday, 6 July 2017

Stories Of Sunset

There are days my night nests into a sad sky
Of gloomy glitters breaking me into memories
Of dark days drowned deep down dreadful dreams
Days loneliness litters my heart like locust on a plantation
Days without the silents whispers of hope.

There are days night comes upon me broken as a jilted heart
Marooned, moody and mad of wanting companionship
From poetry,music and other melodies things of Art
Days sorrows slap my night blind with pain that it rains tears
Like a rapist ruthlessly ripping his victim

Yet tonight like time I hold night betwixt fingers
With the delightful diligence of a nursing mother
Slowly like a rocking chair I take her on jolly journeys
Into poetry where every encounter is a long lasting experience
Of tales by moonlight and other memories of childhood

Tonight I paint night into a collage of mesmerizing memories
And write her letters that lend wings of flight into dreamy lands
Like a skilled composer I gather her sad notes into sweet songs
Making every refrain rich of all our journeys of love
So that every stanza is as refreshing as April rains

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