Thursday, 27 July 2017



She comes to me bright and beautiful
Sweet and strong like a ravishing virgin
She comes through the hollows and windows
Drawing me caress upon caress
Into a ride of a resplendent romance

She greets my mind with poetry
And pleasures my ears with symphony
Of the cocky cocks that crow
Of the trudging tractors that plow
The fields of grains for August rains

She draws upon my frame
Flicker by flicker
The rays of a dreamy day
So that my body breaks away from gloom
Into a mind melting marvelous light

She shifts her reflections here and there
From the windows to the lower walls
Showing me how beautiful her body is
Showing me the awe of her glitters
The genitalia warming rays of her waist

She begins a dance of rising and falling
Testing the waters of my willingness
Wanting my hands in a marriage
Of a new day and a new adventure
Where we both will shine as a cynosure

(c) Ifeoluseyi Ifeoluwapo Ifeyemi
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