Monday, 17 July 2017

That Smile For Janny Koj

Your cheeks are boundaries
Where storms scatter into smiles
Your face forms a cheerful character
Where happiness hangs a notice of laughter

Life is a collection of sweet sorrows
And it beats me how you beat life's worries
To become a synergy of ecstatic energies
Infectious as scent of wild flowers

Your lips are a pathway to sweet songs
For they move to the rhythms of blues
No wonder a poet pleasures his heART
At their beckoning on a lonely night

I thought I loved the evergreen
For how it holds life anew
Every passing of season
But your smile smashed its grip on me

Janny tonight my heart goes out searching
For where you perch your wings of smiles
That flutter at a touch of a familiar force
A familiar force of literary appreciation

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