Thursday, 6 July 2017

Twelve Isn't Just A number -For MKO Abiola

Tonight my heart is as sad as June
Like June the walls of my dreams are fallen
Maddening memories walk among the ruins
And gather them into a monument of pains.

Twelve isn't just a number or a way of counting time
Twelve is how a nation remembers a man murdered in his prime
Twelve is the day a nation names loss as the king of sorrows
Twelve is the language of oppression by military Juntas

Tonight twelve tears my heart into tears
As I watch our nation feed on the flaws of failures
Where a vicious act as stealing isn't corruption
And how hope hangs in the noose of recession .

Twelve is the unpaid labour of a Hero's past
The blood of a patriot sacrificed for sheer selfishness
The conception of hope aborted by fabricated fate
Twelve is the dawn dusk drowned in her darkness

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