Thursday, 6 July 2017

Where You Burn For Lady M

It is dusk darkest mood
I am wounded with want
Craving warmth only your cuddles cause
Like a spark to flames then fire
I am wrecked with needing you
I run my fingers over my thought
And fold them into words I could hold
And call mine in all their forms and fashions
Like these words, this poem
I'm melting by the hour into tears
Into a river running after your absence
Every teardrop joins with ripples
Reminding me how much I have melted
Tonight my heart is a river running after you
Yet frozen by your cold love
Like winter does to a river
When nature needs it most
It's so scary how I burn from within into ashes
Yet flow out as a river in search of home
Of where to empty itself as an offering
To a greater goddess and a greater gravitation
Tonight I have seen another colour of water
It is red when blue booms of gloom
For I'm hot as magma molten and mad
From all depression of wanting you

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