Friday, 4 August 2017

When You Kiss Me

When you kiss me
My lips learn the language of love
Every word I utter sputters
Into myriads of muses

When you kiss me
I become a dreamer
My flirty fingers fish for stout stars
And name them glitters of your face

When you kiss me
My skin swells with delight
The rivers within warm up
They boil and burst with sweet rage

When you kiss me
I smell and taste
My most cherished flavors
Vanilla and strawberry

When you kiss me
I become buried in your breath
And every gasp is a stroke swimming
Into the currents of your caresses

When you kiss me
Deeper and deeper still
Your depths I dig
Like an enraged bull

When you kiss me
Fires and waters meet
As our love is refined
Like the ever glowing gold

When you kiss me
Every encounter enervates me
As my lips confess your sweetness
Shattering me into lines and rhythms
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